New Water-Jel Burn Dressings help you do more for burns - safely soothing painful burn injuries.

Widely used in Emergency Departments, EMS/Fire Rescue, Preparedness, Electric & Gas Utilities, Workplace Health, Industrial Safety and Military.

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Fast, Cooling Comfort

Water-Jel burn dressings deliver a cooling layer of crystal clear gel that is 97% water based to quickly soothe painful burn injuries.   



Water-Jel burn dressings come in six sizes and are pre-soaked with clear gel. No need for water to pre-wet or re-wet the dressings.

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Easy to Use, Safe & Effective

For first responders, both civilian and military. Tear open the foil pouch and apply the burn dressing. The conforming, non-adherent and translucent carrier is infused with clear gel allowing for visual assessment and ease of management at any time - from scene to ED.


For burns UP TO 25% TBSA or more

Because most burn injuries are less than 25% Total Body Surface Area, emergency teams can be prepared for all types of burns (chemical removal caution) with Water-Jel burn dressings, and be compliant with international burn protocols.


watch this paramediC treat a painful facial burn in just 60 seconds*

* real paramedic, simulated burn injuries


  • helps confidently manage painful burn injuries

  • dissipates heat and relieves pain from the burn injury

  • pre-moistened, non-adherent carrier

  • 97% water-based gel, crystal clear and odorless

  • contains hyaluronic acid

  • 5-year shelf life

    *for chemical burns, follow chemical first response procedures


what water-jel customers are saying: 


Even though each case is unique, one thing remains the same: our patients appreciate the relief that comes with using your products. Your products stand out as the best.

Vin B. - EMS Sergeant • CA

This product is truly amazing upon application, immediate pain relief was observed and the patient required fewer analgesics to provide comfort during transport.

Allison A. - BSN, RN • FL

The initial treating physician stated that the prompt use of the Water-Jel burn dressing at the scene was very beneficial to our employee’s burn injuries and helped prevent any facial scarring.

William S. - Safety Director • NY


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We use Water-Jel Burn Care because our patients like it.
— Dr. Keith Wesley, Medical Director, HealthEast Medical Transportation, St. Paul, MN

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