How Water-Jel Works

All the benefits of water and always available.

Applying cool running water to burn injuries is the recommended international protocol. Water-Jel burn dressings deliver all the benefits of cool, clean running water. They utilize a non-woven carrier, pre-saturated with cooling clear gel - together they conform to the burn injury site as they cool and soothe the pain. The excess heat is absorbed and dissipated throughout the gel and released to the air as the skin temperature is stabilized. Water-Jel burn dressings cover and protect burn injuries to help prevent infection.

Water-Jel’s new crystal clear gel consists of 97% water and contains hyaluronic acid (already naturally occurring in the body), proven to offer superior hydration benefits to the skin. The clear gel allows for visual assessment at any time and does not interfere with debridement or contribute to hypothermia.

Water-Jel burn dressings are designed for emergency burn management in the ED, Pre-hospital EMS, Fire Rescue, Workplace Safety, Military and Civilian settings.

Water-Jel products are made in the USA and have a five-year shelf life from date of manufacture.


delivers Controlled cooling to comfort burn injuries


extinguishes smoldering skin and clothing


helps prevent burn from progressing deeper into skin



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