Vinh B.

EMS Sergeant
Valley Center, CA

“Having tried a number of products advertised to relieve pain and promote healing of burns, your products stand out as the best and has proven so in every case in which your products are deployed. 

Even though each case is unique, one thing remains the same: our patients appreciate the relief that comes with using your products. In all of our cases, pain relief is almost immediate upon application of either a burn dressing or the burn gel. In addition to the pain relief, most patients notice an improvement in appearance of their injury within minutes. With these results, our patients are able to calm down, allowing them to cope with their injury with less anxiety and focus on healing.

It is the peace of mind that your product provides that help the EMTs in my company respond to each burn call with confidence that they are well equipped to deal with the injury and that their patient will be given the best care possible. Water-Jel Burn Dressings and Gels have become an essential part of our response kits and our first tool to treat burns.

Allison A.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I am a flight nurse with eight years of critical care experience and have recently use Water-Jel on a pediatric patient with 85% all in partial thickness burns. This product is truly amazing upon application, immediate pain relief was observed and the patient required fewer analgesics to provide comfort during the flight for a burn of the severity.

I highly recommend this innovative product for burn patient and all types of healthcare settings. Furthermore I look forward to using the Water-Jel products and future air ambulance transport.”

William S.

Corporate Safety Director
Victor, NY

“I want to thank your company for producing a great product. Recently we had an arc flash occur which resulted in burn injuries to an employee's faith, neck and hand… He and his partner went outside to their van and opened their Water-Jel burn kits to provide a facial burn dressing to his face they called 911 to report the injury and the ambulance and fire department were dispatched site… When ambulance arrived the first responders decided not to remove the face dressing from the injured employee as they had no better initial treatment option to offer. They transported him to upstate University Medical Center. He was diagnosed with second-degree burns to the face neck and right hand and a small third-degree burn on the middle finger of his right. The initial treating physician stated that the prompt use of the Water-Jel burn dressing at the scene was very beneficial to our employee’s burn injuries and helped prevent any facial scarring. The employee remained in the burn unit overnight and was released the following day. I am very pleased to say that this employee is fine and returned to light duty after a short recuperation and subsequently to full duty after undergoing retraining. This product made a tremendous difference to the employee described above and his overall well-being has also made a difference to our over 600 hundred employees in the recognition of our company's investment in safety, preparedness and emergency response as well as the value of being personally prepared to deal with an emergency in the workplace or at home. Based on our experience, I would highly recommend Water-Jel burn care products anyone that may need to respond to a burn emergency whether on the job or at home.”

Dave Schury

Lineman, Area Operator

Lemont, IL

“As a retired 38-year veteran of the electric utility business in the Greater Chicago area and a burn survivor, safety trainer and founder of the burn survivor foundation From Tragedy to Triumph, I always remind fellow workers to be aware every day of the training, procedures and always to wear their PPE. We all want to come home at the end of the work day to our families. I also like to remind fellow workers about important safety products. One of those products is Water-Jel for Burns. Water-Jel Burn Kits and Fire Blankets has helped line workers, T&D and power gen workers around the country respond the best way possible during burn emergencies on the job. Water-Jel burn dressings and fire blankets are easy to use and immediately cool the burn, relieve pain, extinguish fire and smoldering clothing and cover and protect burns on the scene, while waiting for or seeking further medical attention.

When I suffered severe burn injuries on the job on April 13, 2000, like many companies, we didn’t have Water-Jel or any serious burn care products on board. I spent two weeks at the burn unit at Cook County Hospital. Thankfully, I was able to go back to work four months later. Not too long after that, the company I worked for invested in Water-Jel Burn Kits for every line crew and most every work site and they’ve been there ever since. And I’ve seen and heard of the amazing difference they make for co-workers that suffered severe burns on the job and used Water-Jel right away. Water-Jel offers burn care training and I also offer Safety Awareness presentations. If we can help you and your co-workers be more prepared and safer, please contact me, I’m happy to help.”


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