Video Library

These videos are only designed to show the application of Water-Jel burn care products.

Facial Burn Dressing 12”x16”

Designed for facial burns, Water-Jel’s most popular large burn dressing can also be used on any burn injury. Water-Jel emergency burn dressings are pre-soaked with crystal-clear gel to cool and soothe painful burn injuries. Facial burn dressing covers entire face, ear to ear, top of the face to under the chin. Pre-cut holes for the eyes, nose and mouth make application fast, safe and effective.

Hand Burn Dressing 8”x20”

Specially designed for use on hand burns, this dressing is pre-cut to fit any size hand and wrap between the fingers to allow separation. It completely wraps the hand to cool and protect all fingers, thumb and hand surfaces. This dressing can also be used as a large burn dressing anywhere on the body.

Burn Dressing on Arm Burn (4”x16”) and Shoulder Burn (8”x18”)

Sized large rectangular-shaped dressings help manage any burns to the arms, legs, chest, back, etc.

Fire Blanket Extinguishing Flames (6’x5’)

Water-Jel fire blankets extinguish flames and smoldering clothing while cooling burn injuries. Available in three sizes, in highly visible civilian orange and military tan canisters or foil pouches.

2014 MDD FE Team training